Learn How to Apply 100% Organic Beauty, Skincare & Makeup

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Learn How to Apply 100% Organic Beauty, Skincare & Makeup

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👠 Learn about Daily Skin Care Routine for Acne Removal, Pigmentation, and Scars Treatments
​👠 Makeup Looks for Different Occasions with Lash Application Techniques
​👠 Technical Makeup Tutorials Education.
👠 Tips & Tutorials Educative Live Networking Party Home Events, Trying and Demo New Organic Products and Benefits, Business Strategies, Networking Power Experience
👠 3 modules of Skincare Routine (worth £169)
👠 11 Lessons of Makeup (worth £899)​
👠 How to Start your Own Business at Home in 3 steps (worth £199)
👠 Access to Facebook Support Group (worth priceless)​
👠 Media content Infographs (worth £203)
👠 FREE Natural Organic Beauty Bag (worth £35 including shipping)

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Top Ingredients: Neroli and Freesia
Middle Ingredients: Jasmine, Tuberose, Magnolia and carnation
Base Ingredients: Musk, Amber and Ambrette seed


‘’My skin was full of acne marks and very sensitive, I used all the products in the shops even the most expensive ones and didn’t work. I used KHLOÉNOVA Detox Oil and Balm with the Organic Vitamin gummies and my skin got clear very quickly. First the spots started to get flat then they disappeared, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have anything that worked before’’
‘’I had a bad habit of squeezing my spots and they left very bad acne scars to a point that my skin was red very inflamed and sensitive. I used KHLOÉNOVA Organic body oil with Detox Oil and Balm and very soon my friends start asking me what I’m using as there is a huge change in my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anything that wants to see change and see their skin glow’’
I use to have acne, I went to a dermatologist, which gave me chemical products to use, and the acne converted to acne scars. Since then I couldn't remove them, my skin was red always, and I always had to use correction makeup which again is chemical to cover my skin. I felt very skeptical doing the facial, but I did it And after using the KHLOÉNOVA cleansing HOME Treatment applying the 100% Organic Seeds Serum, BB Cream with BG Rosa, Mineral Makeup, I Feel my skin can breathe, is Naturally Glowing And I can see the difference after treatment. Highly recommended to every girl out there!"

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